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Marinette County, Wisconsin, USA

Share Your Story: Favorite Locations to Take Photographs

By Rindercella

Marinette County, Wisconsin, USA

Veteran's Falls, Thunder River, on Parkway Road

Marinette County, Wisconsin, USA

Strong Falls, Peshtigo River, on Parkway Road

Suggested Equipment

A walking stick, a good camera and a Marinette County Park sticker.

Photo Spot Location

Marinette County, Wisconsin Waterfalls -

Northeastern Marinette County, Wisconsin has some of the finest whitewater in the Midwest. The Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers are the primary areas for kayaking and rafting. Most of the waterfalls are in the Crivitz, Amberg, and Pembine recreational areas, 50-80 miles north of Green Bay Wisconsin.

Be sure to watch for the blue directional Waterfalls Tour signs along the way, courtesy of Marinette County Trout Unlimited!

Photo Subjects Available

Veteran's Falls:

Veteran's Memorial Park is on the Thunder River, on Parkway Road. Steep slopes lead to a wooden bridge and Falls.

While in this area, stop to see the High Falls Dam which creates the beautiful 1,700 acre High Falls Flowage. Twin Bridge Park is available to camping, picnicking and swimming.

McClintock Falls:

Take Parkway Road north to McClintock Park. The falls is a series of rapids with bridges for exceptional views.

Strong Falls:

Continue north on Parkway to the Goodman Park road. These falls, located on the Peshtigo River, are beautiful and are in a Marinette County Park with picnic areas, campsites and playground. It's a great place for pictures with the large rock backgrounds and attractive Falls.

Twelve Foot Falls:

Take Lily Lake Road south off of Highway 8, and follow signs to Twelve Foot Falls; or from Highway 141 west on Smeester School Road, west on Trout Haven Road to Twelve Foot Falls Road. This is a County Park with camping and picnic areas. It's on the Pike River, great for its trout fishing and natural beauty.

A five-minute walk through the camping area of Twelve Foot Falls takes you to:

Eight Foot Falls:

Walk through the camping area and down a brief trail to Eight Foot Falls, which is downstream from Twelve Foot Falls. The Pike river tumbles over a bouldered ridge into a wide, picturesque pool. The sound from Eight Foot Falls can be heard pleasantly in the background at that end of the campground, and is a wonderful "sedative" at the end of the day.

Eighteen Foot Falls:

Only about one mile from Twelve Foot Falls, go north from the Park to second sand road to right, drive or walk in 1/2 mile to parking space, then follow path about three blocks to the beautiful Pike River and the awesome Eighteen Foot Falls.

Long Slide Falls:

Take Morgan Park east of Highway 141, and follow signs to Falls. A good parking space is provided. It's about a 1/4 mile hike on a nice path to the Falls. The Falls drop about 50 feet through the rocks. It's a magnificent scene.

From Long Slide Falls, you may want to travel a couple of miles east to Morgan Park for camping, swimming and picnicking.

Smalley Falls:

Upstream from Long Slide Falls. It's about a 1/2 mile hike from the bigger Long Slide Falls.

Piers Gorge:

Located on the Menominee River. Cross bridge into Michigan on Highway 8 and watch for signs. Take left at sign to end of the road. It's about a 1/2 mile walk to the rapids


  • Plan to take a day to cruise from location to location, and be sure to bring your camera. All the waterfalls are easy walking distances from parking areas. Most are located within the county park system.

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