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Entry 1 by rocksandpickard for Zoo Assignment

Share Your Story: Photography Assignment #64 - Zoo Photography Entry Form

By rocksandpickard

Entry 1 by rocksandpickard for Zoo Assignment

Hickory Hills Zoo Bison

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March 21, 2010

Photo Description

I recently visited one of my favorite campgrounds that has a small zoo. Hickory Hills isn't located on any maps but all the locals know where it is located, making it seem nearly private. The zoo houses Bison, Elk, Albino deer and various birds. It's not much but it gives you the opportunity to see these wonderful animals fairly up close.

Tips and Tricks

  • The birds were nearly impossible due to the double wired fencing enclosing them, but the bison and elk are in much larger enclosures and the wire fencing is large enough to look through with a camera that you can eliminate the fences all together.

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