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Entry 1 by Jim Plogger for Photog's Choice #80

Share Your Story: Entries for Photography Assignment #80 - Photographer's Choice

By Jim Plogger

Entry 1 by Jim Plogger for Photog's Choice #80

entry 1 - Cloudy sunset

Is a model release on file if needed? (Yes/No/NA)


What day was the photo taken?

November 5, 2010

Photo Description

Cloudy sunset at Sanibel Island, Florida in November 2010. This sunset was taken after an afternoon thunderstorm and the clouds began to breakup. There was enough sunshine coming through the breaks to create an unusual sunset. I setup my Canon EOS 50D on a tripod with my EF24-105mm F4.0L lens set at 55mm and shot at ISO 200. I waited for the exact effect that I was looking for which was for the light to stream through the clouds.


  • Use a tripod
  • Meter on the darker areas of the sky
  • Be patient

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