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Entry 1 by Id30341 for Bugs Assignment #74

Share Your Story: Entries for Photography Assignment #74 - Bugs, Insects, and Spiders

By ld30341

Entry 1 by Id30341 for Bugs Assignment #74

entry 1

Is a model release on file if needed? (Yes/No/NA)


What day was the photo taken?

September 17, 2010

Photo Description

Tiger swallowtail in my wife''s flower garden. I call this photo "Upside-down Lunch". I am physically handicapped and cannot walk or stand still very well and therefore take lots of shots in the backyard. A telephoto lens works to help me overcome my disability.

Do not let your physical disabilities prevent you from enjoying photography. If you can enter a road race in a wheelchair, you sure take photos from this same chair.


  • I used a zoom macro lens on an old Digital Rebel . I used a remote shutter release and a tripod. The tripod is important for good focus, especially with macros and a remote shutter release adds to the quality of the shot by taking out the chance of vibration from finger movement on the camera.

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