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Entry 2 by Steve Slayton for Photog's Choice #72

Share Your Story: Entries for Photography Assignment #72 - Photographer's Choice

By Fotobirder

Entry 2 by Steve Slayton for Photog's Choice #72

This Pose for You

Is a model release on file if needed? (Yes/No/NA)


What day was the photo taken?

August 26th, 2010

Photo Description

While looking out my window into the backyard yesterday evening, I noticed a young Raccoon slowly making its way up to our deck. This isn't unusual since we have a small river behind our house. I slowly opening the curtains getting ready for a possible photo. Normally, when they see you the will just go under the deck and go back to the woods later. But this time He stopped and just poses for a few seconds. Just long enough for me to click off a few shots.


  • Don't get too close to Wild Animals.
  • Don't go outside and scare them away
  • always anticipate what might happen
  • Be very quiet. It doesn't take much to scare them away
  • Decide whether vertical or Horizontal shot is best
  • Stay Focused

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