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Entry 2 by The_Lazy_Photographer

Share Your Story: Photography Assignment 55 - Photographer's Choice Entries

By The_Lazy_Photographer

Entry 2 by The_Lazy_Photographer

Brushed Aluminum on Brick

Do you have a model release on file?

No, not necessary

When was the photo taken?

Saturday afternoon (Oct 10)

Photo Description

This is a brick wall outside a little shop in the Distillery District in Toronto. I thought it would make a neat photo. I tend to go for this sort of pseudo abstract type of shot. Not much else to tell really. I guess the photo says it all, so to speak.

Tips and Tricks

  • Dialled up the contrast
  • Dialled back the saturation
  • Played with high and low lights
  • Did a vignette effect on it
  • I like the photo for its simplicity and ambiguity

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