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Entry 2 by zebra for Leading Lines Photo Contest

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By zebra3856

Entry 2 by zebra for Leading Lines Photo Contest

Entry 2 - The Path

Is a model release on file for all recognizable people?


What day was the photo taken?

10 November 2011

Photo Description

Absolutely beautiful day and my sister & I went to the local Refuge to walk. Of course I took my camera. This photo is a path that lead down towards the water. I thought that even though the "line" is curved, it leads the eye right to the tree.

Lessons Learned

  • Look for an opportunity to take photos wherever it may exist.
  • Remember to set your camera (ISO, WB, etc.) to reflect the conditions you are shooting in. Shooting conditions were not easy because it was very bright and sunny but there was also a fog bank over the water and it was hazy too.
  • I am still learning to "frame my shot" correctly and these contests make me think about that more so than I ever did before.

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