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Entry 1 by Dave Kelly for Trees Photography Assignment #82

Share Your Story: Entries for Photography Assignment #82 - Trees

By Dave_Kelly

Entry 1 by Dave Kelly for Trees Photography Assignment #82

Trees entry #1

Is a model release on file if needed? (Yes/No/NA)


What day was the photo taken?

This image was taken on Wednesday 19th January 2011 at approximately 5.30am.

Photo Description

Forest Dawn.

This shot was taken as the sun was coming up over my garden. All the pre-dawn colors had faded except for a slight golden glow. The main tree is a Cocos Palm with a Giant Tree Fern, New Zealand Flax and Banana Tree as the secondary elements. There was cloud cover from some low, wispy cumulonimbus and the barometer was reading about 85% humidity and the thermometer was reading 37°C/98°F.


  • The camera and settings for this shot are as follows
  • Canon 5DmkII + Sigma 50mm 1.4
  • f 1.4
  • 1/640
  • ISO 200

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