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Entry 1 by Stephanie Calhoun for Photographer's Choice Photo Contest, #100

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By FotosbySteph

Entry 1 by Stephanie Calhoun for Photographer's Choice Photo Contest, #100

Entry #1

Is a model release on file for all recognizable people?


What day was the photo taken?

March 15, 2012

Photo Description

This is Luther our male German Shepherd walking back towards me on our daily walk/run. I knelt down off the path and called him back to me, he is never in a hurry. Why this is one of my favorite photos, I feel I captured his laid back nature and he looks happy go lucky. The grass color really shows how early our Spring came this year.

Lessons Learned

  • I added a texture to this so it had a little more interest.
  • Make sure you are in position before you call a dog back to you so you can get the right shot or take several.
  • Focal length-120.0mm
  • Exposure-1/320
  • Apture-F6.3
  • ISO-200
  • Exposure-0.30EV

Liz Masoner, About.com Photography, says:

What Works
  • Composition
    The trail creates a nice leading line showing us where the dog came from and the dog's placement on a rule of thirds line gives us a visual reference point.
  • Pose
    The dog's eye contact with the camera helps make a connection with the viewer and the paw position is great for conveying movement.
  • Style
    The Polaroid/aged look of the photo blends beautifully with the rural subject matter.

What Doesn't Work
  • Highlights
    Especially with animals that have dark coloration around the eyes, it is important to try and add a catch light with a fill flash or reflector to show the viewer exactly where the eyes are.

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