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Photography: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Shortcuts for Making the Copyright Symbol on...
Easy instructions and shortcuts for creating the copyright symbol on a Windows and Mac computer
Leading Lines
An explanation of leading lines. Photography.
A Brief History of Photography
A brief history of photography, highlighting the major events in its development.
Your Introduction to the Two Main Types of...
Descriptions on the types of cameras available.
Horizontal vs. Vertical Photographs
Free photography lesson on the benefits of horizontal and vertical photographs and when to use each in your photography for maximum visual impact.
How Much Should You Charge for Your Photos?
How To Price Your Photos - A Guide On How To Price Photography
Point of View in Photography
Point of View in Photography How to Use Point of View to Improve Your Photos By Liz Masoner , About.com
Want to Blow Up an Image? What You Should Know...
How Big Can I Print My Photos? Photography.
Comparing Your Photographs' Print Sizes
Information on the different available printing sizes of photographs and how they compare to each other
What Is Depth of Field?
A primer on depth of field in photography. Details on what depth of field is and how to manipulate it.
Need to make Your Valentine's Day Photos More...
A listing of great photography ideas for Valentine's Day.
Introduction to Photography
An introduction to photography and how to create great photographs.
Valentine's Day Photo Card Candy Sucker Holder...
Easy instructions for making a Valentine's Day Photo Card sucker holder
What is a Camera?
A short introduction to what is a camera with a comparison to today's more sophisticated cameras.
Parts of a Camera
Information on the parts of a camera
Advantages and Disadvantages of Film and Digital
Advantages of film and digital photography compared to disadvantages of film and digital photography.
Just Starting Out in Photography? Here's What...
Part of our in-depth article on camera shutter speed: What are the basics?
Photography Rights - Licensing Your Work
Information on photography rights and what different licensing means.
How to Watermark Your Photos
Photo theft is everywhere. Learn how to watermark your photos and slow down the thieves.
Valentine Photography Props - Prop Ideas for...
Valentine Photography Props - Prop Ideas for Valentine's Day Photography
How to Use the Rule of Thirds in Your Photography
A photography lesson on how to use the rule of thirds in photography.
5 Things to Do When Someone Steals Your Photos...
Someone stole your photos online? This list will show you steps to get the photos removed.
Top 10 Ways to Get Great Prom Photos
Prom night is the biggest night of the year for a high schooler. Here are some great ideas to make your
8 Weekly Assignments for Practicing Your...
Practice your photography skills with weekly photography assignments.
Megapixels - An Explanation of Megapixels and...
Megapixels - An Explanation of Megapixels and How They Affect Photos
Forced Perspective Photography - How to Take...
Forced Perspective Photography How to Create Forced Perspective Photos By Liz Masoner , About.com Guide
Camera Lens
A detailed description of a camera lens
Free Color Abstract Computer Wallpaper from...
Free Color Abstract Computer Wallpaper from About Photography
Photography Composition - Natural Framing In...
Photography Composition - Natural Framing In Photography
Watermark Example Image Gallery
Examples of watermarked photos with instructions on how to make them
Fun Photography - How to Photograph Food...
How to Photograph Food Coloring or Dye Dropped in Water, part of the About.com Photography Fun Photography series of tutorials.
Is 500px.com a Good Alternative to Flickr?
Review of 500px.com. Is it a Flickr killer?
Is Nude Photography Really Art, or Just Porn?
Discussion on whether or not nude photography can be art or if all nude photography is porn.
How Do I Start Taking Photographs
How do I start taking photographs is one of the first questions many new photographers ask. There is no right or wrong answer to that question but there is some basic information that can set you on the right path to quickly taking good quality photographs.
Print Size Comparisons, Explanations, and Help...
Information on common photo print sizes, what format ratios are, help choosing a picture size for hanging, details about megapixels, and help on how large you can print a picture.
Understanding Your Camera's Light Meter
A guide to understanding your camera's light meter.
How To Take School Photos
How To Take School Photos. Photography.
Adobe Photoshop Touch Review
Adobe Photoshop Touch Review from About.com Photography
Photography Lighting
Photography is all about the capturing of light. How we control the available light and add additional light when needed is basis for all photography.
How to Take Great Photos with Your iPhone
How to Take Great Photos With an iPhone or other camera phone
Photo Print Sizes - Illustration of Photo Print...
An illustration comparing photo print sizes to each other with explanation.
Creating Vignette in PhotoShop Elements
Creating Vignette in PhotoShop Elements
Want to Shoot Like the Big Boys? Here's 4...
The best SLR digital camera for amateurs is a question that will persist as technology advances and smartphones make photography more and more accessible to the masses.
Back to Basics
Information on understanding the most basic controls of your camera
Translucent Embossed Text
How to create a translucent embossed text watermark for your digital images. Page 3.
What Are Layers and How To Use Them
Explanation of what layers are in photo editing software and how to use them.
Preset Camera Modes
A photography lesson on what preset camera modes do and how to use them.
Night Photography in 5 Easy Steps
A step-by-step guide to night photography to help you take better night photographs.
An Introduction to Telling Stories with Photo...
An Introduction to Photo Essays - A free lesson on how to create Photo Essays
Dynamic Range - What Your Eye Sees That Your...
Dynamic Range - What Your Eye Sees That Your Camera Does Not
Photography Tips - Aperture
Part 1 of our in-depth article on aperture. This part explains on the basics of aperture.
Autofocus Points - What are Autofocus Points on...
Autofocus points are shown when looking through the viewfinder of most SLR and DSLRs, even a few point and shoot cameras use them. So what are they? They are designed to help you know where your camera is focusing and to let you fine where the camera focuses. This lesson with explain autofocus points and how they are used in simple terms.
What is Airbrushing in Photography?
Explanation of what airbrushing means in photography.
How to Photograph the Moon Through a Telescope
A free photography lesson on how to photograph the moon through a telescope
Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips - How to...
The top 10 wedding photography tips you need to know before photographing a wedding.
Camera Body
A detailed description of a camera body
Motocross Photography - How to Photograph...
Motocross, or mx, photography is not difficult once you know the tricks but there are specific challenges to photographing motocross.
Steve McCurry Bio
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What Causes Green Eye in Photographs
Green Eye in Photographs - What Causes Green Eye in Photographs
Raised Text Effect
How to create a raised text effect watermark for your digital images. Page 2.
Rule of Thirds
An explanation of the rule of thirds
How to Post a Photo on the Forum with Embedding
How to post a photo on the About Photography forum by embedding the photo.
Should You Use Live Animals In Portrait...
Arguments for and against using live animals in portrait photography such as Easter scenes.
The Orton Effect - How to Ortonize Your Images
How to easily create the Orton Effect with your digital images.
How To Hand Tint Your Photographs
A photography lesson on how to hand tint, or hand color, your black and white photographs.
David Muench Profile
David Muench has spent the past 50 years as a nature and landscape photographer. He has focused much of his work on the Western United States. He has over 50 exhibit type books to his credit and continues to teach at workshops throughout the United States.
Camera Shake
Information on what camera shake is and how to avoid it.
Canvas Gallery Wraps from CVSPhoto.com Review
Review of the canvas gallery wraps from CVSPhoto.com
Understanding Photography Exposure
A photography lesson on understanding photography exposure and how to use shutter speed, aperture, and film speed in conjunction with your camera's light meter.
How to Photograph Severe Weather
Tips on How to Photograph Severe Weather
Centering Your Photographic Subjects
Free photography lesson on when you should and shouldn't center your subjects in photography.
Using props in portraits of children can make...
Simple and affordable props can make photos of children a lot better. Here are a few ideas to help you with your photography.
Famous Quotes by Photographer Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand is best known for his social documentary photographs.
Famous Quotes from Photographer Anne Geddes
Anne Geddes is world renowned for her images of infants. Her images grace the pages of calendars, books, greeting cards, and other items. They highlight babies in a variety of backdrops including flowers and other things of beauty.
Photography Lighting Lesson - How Light...
Free Photography Lighting Lesson Series - Photography Lesson On How Light Reflects Off Glass
What You Need to Do in Order to Get Great Moon...
Moon Photography – Getting Great Moon Pictures
What is Chimping?
Definition and history of Chimping in Photography
A review of PicScout, a photography copyright infringement tracking service
How to Transfer Photos to Wood, Glass, Canvas,...
How to Transfer Photos to Wood, Glass, Canvas, or Other Surfaces
Contact Sheet
An explanation of Contact Sheet in photography
Underexposure in photography refers to an image where too little light was recorded
What Not To Do When Photographing Babies
What Not To Do When Photographing Babies
Joseph Nicephor Niépce: The First...
Joseph Nicephor Niépce The First Photographer. Learn how the first photograph was created and how an inability to draw led this inventor to discover the process known as photography. It took over a decade of determination to create the very first photographic image.
How To Photograph Crafts For Online Selling and...
Top photo tips to help you get great craft photos for Ebay, Etsy, and Your Blog.
Find the Right Photo Size for Your Room
An illustration showing how standard photo print sizes look when hung over a couch.
Street Photography - The Artful Candid
Street Photography Street Photography - The Artful Candid By Liz Masoner , About.com Guide to Photography
How to Make Your Own "Old Master" Style...
How to make your own old master style photography background.
Biography of Photographer Carol Guzy
Biography of Carol Guzy, Pulitzer Prize winner and NPPA Photographer of the Year
How to Make Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover...
How to make a Facebook Timeline cover photo for your personal page or fan page
How To Add A Texture To Your Photos - A...
How To Add A Texture To Your Photos - A Photoshop Elements Tutorial On Adding Textures
Protest Photography
Learn how to photograph protests and stay safe while doing so
Where Can I Find the Copyright Info for Photos...
Instructions on where to find copyright information on Flickr
Alan Diaz Profile
Alan Diaz spent months preparing for the photograph that would win him the Pulitzer Prize for best spot news photograph in 2000. The winning photograph was of federal agents with guns drawn entering Elian Gonzalez' family home to remove him and send him back to Cuba to be with his father.
Instagram is a Social Photo Service
Instagram is a social photo sharing service. It's free and just a blast to use. Here's how it works and why you should use it.
Fun With Photography - Fruit In Water
Part of the fun with photography series of tips, this tip explains how to take photos of fruit falling through water.
Facebook vs. Google+ Licensing Rights: Who is...
Is Google+ or Facebook more photographer friendly? Find out what rights you sign away just by uploading a photo.
Basic Camera Care
The basics on how to care for your camera
Famous Quotes by Photographer Henri Cartier-Bre...
Henri Cartier-Bresson is well known as the father of photojournalism. He mastered candid photography.
Translucent Clear Embossed Text Variation
How to create a translucent clear embossed text variation effect watermark for your digital images. Page 4.
Film Speed
An explanation of film speed. Photography.
An explanation of agitation as it relates to photography
Show off that moon capture with a few edits.
There are plenty of steps to taking a great moon picture. Here are three steps to ensure you get what you are looking for.
Getting the Most Out of Your Point and Shoot...
Information on how to get the most out of your point and shoot camera.
Action Photography
Free photography lesson and tips on action photography.
Free Photo Apps for iPad
Reviews of free photography apps for iPad
Top Photo Sharing Sites
List of the About Photography Guide's top picks in photo sharing websites.
How can a digital picture be noisy?
Noise in a digital picture can be seen as a lot of oddly colored dots in the image. Here's how to reduce that noise.
Ansel Adams Quotes
Ansel Adams Quotes. Photography.
Let's look at current options for online photo...
Storing your digital photos can be a confusing time. Let's take a look at the current options to keep your memories organized.
Cold Weather Photography
A photography lesson on how take photographs in cold weather while protecting your camera and yourself from adverse conditions.
Mat Cutting Tables
A quick and easy set of reference charts showing common measurements for mat cutting in photography.
Faux X-ray Flower Photos
Low cost way to create a faux X-ray effect for translucent flower photographs.
Robert Capa on the Battlefield
Famous war photographer Robert Capa captures memorable images of war.
Mary Ellen Mark Biography
Mary Ellen Mark is a well known and respected photographer who has won just about every photographic award. She has documented the human condition and brought important issues to the forefront through her photography.
Portrait Photography - Top 5 Tips for Better...
Portrait Photography - Top 5 Tips for Better Portraits
Create Your Own Photo Book
Learn about softcover/hardcover differences, printer choices, and more on how to create you own photo book for your memories.
Sharing Photos With Friends on Photobucket
Sharing Photos With Friends on Photobucket by Kate Hare
Simple Text Overlay
How to create a simple text overlay watermark for your digital images
Basic Photography Equipment to Carry
List of the basic camera equipment to carry for most situations.
Easter Photo Ideas
List of great Easter photography ideas and props
Flower Photography - How to Photograph Flowers
A free photography lesson on how flower photography.
The Blue Hour in Photography
A free to read photo lesson that teach you what the blue hour is, when it will happen, and how to photograph it.
Photography Lesson - The Importance of Straight...
Photography Lesson - The Importance of Straight Horizons
Photography Prop Set of 3 Fake Baby Chicks
A review of a photography prop set of 3 fake baby chicks.
Macro Photography
An explanation of macro photography
Creative Commons - What Do Creative Commons...
Explanation of what the various Creative Commons licenses mean
Stephen Shore Biography
Stephen Shore is an American born photographer who managed to make ordinary scenes become extraordinary photographs. His use of color was studied by many famous photographers who had previously believed that serious photographers only used black and white film to express their art.
An explanation of backlighting in photography
Profile of Geddes
Profile of Anne Geddes including a brief biography and information on her photographic works
4th of July Fireworks Photo Wallpaper Download...
Free Fireworks Wallpaper Download for the 4th of July from About.com Photography
Our Review of Flickr Photo Sharing
A review of the highly popular photo photo sharing website. Does Flickr deserve to be the juggernaut of photo sharing or is it all hype?
Film Developing and Printing Options
Film developing and printing options for photographers.
Photo Panels from CVSPhoto.com Review
Review of the photo panel wood blocks from CVSPhoto.com
Annie Leibovitz
Information on Annie Liebovitz and her contribution to photography
Using Levels in Photoshop
An introduction to levels and how to use to them to quickly edit photographs.
How a Digital Camera Works Video
Ever wonder what happens inside your digital camera? This video from Lexar shows you how your subject becomes a digital photo.
Valentine's Day Photo Card - Carried Away by...
Easy instructions for making a Valentine's Day Photo Card with your child appearing to be carried away by balloons
Environmental Portraiture
Photo lesson on what are environmental portraits and how to take an environmental portrait
Art Wolfe
Learn about Art Wolfe and his wildlife photography. Wolfe captures endangered species in far off lands. Wolfe has received some of the most prestigious awards presented to photographers.
Boudoir Photography - How to Create Boudoir...
Boudoir Photography - How to Create Boudoir Photographs
Nigel Barker America's Top Photographer
He is best known as a judge on Tyra Bank's hit show America's Top Model, but his career has included top fashion model, documentary director, actor, film maker, and author. Learn how Nigel Barker went from in front of the camera to behind the camera, in his long standing career in the fashion industry.
Paper Negatives
Information on creating and printing paper negatives in photography.
Garry Winograd
Garry Winograd is the master of street photography. He has been showcased at the MOMA and has written several books, He focused much of his photography on candid shots done of normal people.
Photographer's Rights Overview
Overview of a photographer's rights to take photographs and what the photographer can do with those photographs.
What Do I Need to Include in a Model Release
A free example model release for photography
1-Year Cost Comparision for Film vs. Digital
A comparison of the costs of shooting with film vs digital for one year
Walter Iooss Jr.
Read this article to learn more about one of the top Sports Illustrated Photographers.
Stencil Text Overlay
How to create a stencil text overlay watermark for your digital images. Page 9.
Julia Margaret Cameron
Julia Margaret Cameron early female photographer who captured famous and not so famous faces in her portraits. Her career only spanned 11 years but her photographs will live on forever.

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