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These easy to follow photography lessons will help you master many different photography techniques and situations.
  1. Getting Started
  2. General Lessons
  3. Action Photography
  4. Nature Photography
  1. People
  2. Special Effects and Editing
  3. Photo Crafts

Getting Started

Just picking up a camera? These lessons will get you started fast!

General Lessons

These all purpose lessons will help you quickly take better pictures

Action Photography

If it moves fast, the lessons are here. From sports to exploding water balloons, find the speed here.

Nature Photography

Birds, flowers, waterfalls, storms, pets, and more. If it isn't manmade, you'll find out how to photograph it here. These nature photography tips and lessons will help you get great nature photos.


Learn how to take great portraits with these people photography lessons.

Special Effects and Editing

Whether you create special effects in camera or after process, these tips and tricks will help you add that special twist to your photos.

Photo Crafts

Like to make things? We have how to lessons for making props and crafts to make from your photos.

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