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Whether you have been a photographer for decades or have just picked up your first camera, the basics are always good to review. I've gathered together the photography basics for you all in one place. Here you will find information on camera controls, photography lighting, composition (including the rule of thirds), and even color temperature.
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  3. Composition
  4. Lighting and Color
  1. Photo Editing
  2. Photography Contests
  3. Fixing Common Photo Problems
  4. Holiday Photography


Top view of a manual 35mm camera

The basic tool of photography is the camera. Like all craftsmen and artists, its a good idea to know your tools very well. These articles will guide you through learning about your camera in an easy to understand way.


While so many of today's cameras try to do the thinking for photographers, to get really great images you need to know how to control your camera. You also need to know what controls affect what aspects of your photographs.


Composition simply means how your image is put together. The greatest subject in the world will not automatically make a great image. You have to know how (and where) to put that image on film.

Lighting and Color

Ahhh, light. Photography is the art of capturing light on film (or digital surface). To really master photography we need to know about lighting.

Photo Editing

Photo Editing Example Photo

Taking the photo is only part of the process. Now you need to develop that photo. With film, most developing is done by an outside lab. With digital, most of the editing and developing is done by the photographer.

Photography Contests

We all love getting lots of compliments on our photos. Our About Photography Assignments are a great way to compete and learn at the same time!

Fixing Common Photo Problems

Regardless of experience or skill level, there are always a few common problems that plague photographers. Here are some ways to help correct these problems.

Holiday Photography

Certain holidays have very specific types of photo opportunities. Here you can learn how to get the best Santa photo, how to freeze a fireworks blast, how to get a cute bunny photo for Easter without getting bit, and much more.

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