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Getting the Most Out of Your Point and Shoot Camera


You don't have to have a fancy camera to take great photographs. Are there some limitations as to what a point and shoot camera can do? Sure, but that doesn't mean it can't take great images. You simply have to know your camera's capabilities and apply solid photography techniques. Here are some great tips on how to get the most out of your point and shoot camera.

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Watch Your Framing

Framing with different viewfinders
Most point and shoot cameras will have one of two types of viewfinders. Understanding these viewfinders will help you take much better images.

Type of Zoom

Optical vs Digital Zoom
If you are using a digital point and shoot camera you may have something called "digital zoom". In order to preserve maximum image quality you should avoid digital zoom whenever possible. If it is your only option, use it. If you have the option of optical zoom, use that instead.

Using Your Flash

Most cameras have a flash built into the camera body (some of them "pop up") and have much lower power than off-camera add on flashes used with SLR style cameras. However, that doesn't mean the flash is not useful.

Use the Preset Modes to Your Advantage

Most point and shoot cameras now have preset programmed image capture modes. These modes are meant to allow point and shoot users to approximate the control of a SLR camera. Each of these preset modes changes basic settings of the camera. By knowing what settings these modes prefer, you can use the modes to your advantage in numerous situations.

Illustration Images for Point and Shoot Camera Tips

Photography is a visual medium and it almost always helps to view examples of photography concepts. Here are some photos illustrating the point and shoot tips above to illustrate these concepts.

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