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The Fun Photography series is all about having fun with your camera. This series focuses on seemingly hard to capture or out of the ordinary situations and shows you how to take some great fun photos.

Food Coloring Abstracts - How to Photograph Food Color Shapes in Water

Water Splashing
Biwa Studio Collection/Iconica/Getty Images
Color seems to swirls in midair in this fun photo project. With a bit of planning you'll easily get great shots that will amaze your friends.

Exploding Water Balloons

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There are some events that happen way too fast for the human eye to register. Photos that capture these moments are almost guaranteed to get people to look closely at them. This idea came from...

Fruit Falling Through Water

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There are certain types of photographs that tend to make viewers shriek "Oh that's cool!" Fruit splashing into water is one of those fun photos that leave everyone...

Water Splashes

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Photos of water splashes are a constant source of amazement for many people, including photographers. While a macro lens, motion triggers, and special high-speed strobes are often used to capture these brief flashes of time, you can capture splashes without specialized equipment.

Burning Ice

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Any photo that makes people look twice is generally a good thing. Photos of ice on fire are a sure way to make viewers look twice! This idea came from...

Flaming Halloween Pumpkin

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Around Halloween, photographers are looking for fun and spooky photo opportunities. From glowsticks to dry ice, photographers will try just about anything to make their Halloween jack o'lanterns spooky...

Light Drawing

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Photography is the art of recording light and this allows us to draw in a way other artists cannot.  With a few basic steps you can literally draw with light to create your own light drawing!

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