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What Not To Do When Photographing Babies


Photographic Mistakes - 5 Things Not To Do When Photographing Babies
What Not To Do When Photographing Babies
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We've all seen super cute photos of babies and we've all seen awful baby photos. These tips will show you what not to do when taking baby photos so your images will turn out great!

1. Don't Use Flash
While avoiding flash may be difficult it is important to avoid harsh flash as much as possible. If you must use a flash, diffuse it or bounce the flash so that the harsh light doesn't cause the baby to squint. A harsh flash can also quickly put a baby in a bad mood so that further shots are impossible.

2. Don't Photograph Them Naked
That's right, forget about the "cutesy" baby on the bearskin rug or the folded up baby in daddy's hands. Naked baby photos have gotten out of hand. Not only will your children hate them, some poses honestly border on the obscene. Now, that's not to say you have to bundle them up in many layers of clothing. A simple diaper will not detract from the photo and lets your child keep their dignity. Yes, modern diapers look awful on babies. Put a cloth diaper on the baby for the photos and you can put the plastic marshmallow back on them after the shoot.

3. Don't Put Them In Precarious Positions
There has been a trend lately of putting tiny babies on top of towers of objects. Stacked suitcases, baskets on dressers, the list goes on. This is a bad idea. Don't trust that a baby is "too small to move." The tiniest infant can suddenly move themselves unintentionally under the right circumstances.

4. Don't Expect Them to Pose
Babies don't pose. Babies don't have patience with scratchy, hot outfits. When working with babies, you need to be patient. Make the baby as comfortable as possible and wait for the right expression. This can take a long time (30 minutes or more) and is completely dependent on the baby's mood at the moment.

5. Don't Sit Them Up
Until a baby is old enough to hold his head up on his own, don't try to sit them up for photos. The result will just be a collapsed mound of baby that looks more like a frog than your precious child. Work with what the child can do. That is, lay the child down. Depend on the angle of the camera for interesting photographs. You don't have to take the photo looking straight down at the baby. Try photographing from the side occasionally.
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