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Review of PhotoBucket.com
Screenshot used with permission of Photobucket.com
PhotoBucket.com is one of the many photo sharing websites on the internet. Like most sites, it offers free accounts and paid accounts that have more bandwidth. The site offers both image and video hosting.

Getting an Account

The home page of PhotoBucket.com has a large red button to "join now". The process of signing up is relatively simple. After entering some basic information you are given a link to your new free album. In order to upgrade to a paid album you must create the free album first.

Revision as of 8/20/08
Like most companies, PhotoBucket continues to modify its site and procedures. Sometimes these changes are good - sometimes they fall flat. PhotoBucket has added a section to the sign up that can be very confusing. If a cellphone is entered in the information request on the first page a countdown timer appears with jargon about upgrading an account. If this button is pushed, the cell phone is charged for a paid account. If no cell phone number is entered in the first request - the upgrade jargon still appears but with no timer and a second request for a cell phone number. This new information nearly obscures the small text link to the free account at the top of the page.

In addition to this sign up change, PhotoBucket has been the victim of several hacker attacks recently. These events were met with nearly complete silence on the part of PhotoBucket and left users scrambling to find any valid information on the events and what information might have been compromised. This is a real concern to be considered before signing up for an account.

Uploading Images

PhotoBucket has a user friendly interface with pop-up instruction boxes that explain how to get started uploading images. Once you click on the browse button PhotoBucket will access your computer so you simply chose a file to upload in the same manner as opening a file. Multiple files can be uploaded at one time (although you must select them one at a time). The automatic image display sizing options are easily accessed during the process. This is an especially helpful timesaver during mass image uploads.

Sharing Images

Once you have uploaded your first images, Photobucket provides more helpful pop-up instruction boxes. These boxes explain how to post, or link, the images to other sites. You also have the option of leaving your album open to the public so that anyone can view all of your images. This option is a simple click under "account options".



  • Simple to use
  • New Sign Up is Confusing and Very Unprofessional
  • Free and paid accounts available
  • Codes for linking to email, blogs, and forums easily accessed
  • Automatic resizing options
  • Ability to make album private
  • Ability to create folders to better organize images
  • Lack of constructive response to recent hacking attacks puts security in question


  • Some images on front page under "most popular" may not be family friendly
  • Amount of personal information collected
  • Only one free account per email address
  • Lots of ads on free accounts

Overall, PhotoBucket is one of the easiest photo-sharing sites to use and certainly worth a try.
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