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Review of Adventures in Tornado Alley

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The Bottom Line

Adventures in Tornado Alley, The Storm Chasers is a book of excellent photography and first-hand accounts of storm chasing the way its meant to be. Mike Hollingshead and the late Eric Nguyen are two of the finest storm photographers this generation and in this book they take us along for the wild ride for over 180 pages.
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  • Excellent Photography
  • First-Hand Account of "Good" Storm Chasing
  • Excellent Background Data on Storms


  • A Few "Strong" Words Prominent in Captions


  • Published 2008 by Thames and Hudson, Inc.
  • Heavyduty Paperback Binding, 340 Full Color Images, 187 Pages
  • Includes photographs and personal accounts of storm chases, tornadoes, aurora, hail, and other weather phenomena

Guide Review - Review of Adventures in Tornado Alley

Adventures in Tornado Alley is not meant as a photographic "how-to" book. This book is a showcase of excellent storm/weather photography and a glimpse into the thoughts of the photographers who captured the moments. If you don't recognize Mike Hollingshead by name, you've still probably been awed by his images. Several of Mike's images were stolen and forwarded via email under the label of "Katrina's Approach". In fact, one of the images mislabeled in that email graces the cover of Adventures in Tornado Alley. In Adventures in Tornado Alley, Mike and the late Eric Nguyen join together their amazing photography and stories to give an amazingly detailed look into the life of a storm photographer. Eric even sprinkles in a few photo tips through his narrative as a bonus to photographers interested in storm chasing.

My only disappointment with this book was that a few of the images themselves were not as dramatic as some of Eric and Mike's work that I have seen elsewhere. Let me be perfectly clear that this is only in comparison to some of their other images. The photography in this book is outstanding, I have simply become jaded by the amazing quality and quantity of images these two men have produced over the years.

Adventures in Tornado Alley, The Storm Chasers is an excellent book choice for anyone interested in weather photography, storm chasing, just curious about storms, and even an excellent reference for school children.
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