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All art requires equipment of some sort and photography is no different. Where painters have paint and brushes, photographers have cameras and lenses. This is the place to find out about the equipment used to make photographs.
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A camera is the most basic piece of equipment that photographer's use to turn light into photographs. In order to take better photos it is a good idea to understand as much as possible about your camera and its capabilities.


Photographic lenses are the eye of your camera. These conglomerations of glass and plastic focus light onto your film and control the magnification factor of your images.

Props and Backgrounds

Photography props and backgrounds are a photographer's way of creating a scene when the actual location can not be used or would be dangerous. Here is where you will find information on available props, backgrounds and other supplies as well as ways to create your own.

Reviews - Cameras and Lenses

Our cameras and lenses are our primary gear for capturing a photograph. They are usually the most expensive piece of photographic equipment so it is good to learn as much as possible before buying new cameras or lenses.

Reviews - Equipment Rental Service

There are times when we need equipment for only a few days or specialized expensive equipment we can't afford to purchase outright. Equipment rental services allow photographers to rent needed gear by the day, week, or month.

Reviews - Camera Bags

Our camera bags protect our investment in our cameras and lenses while also making it easier to transport our gear. These reviews will show you the good and the bad of various camera bags.

Reviews - Photography Lighting/Props

Photography is the art of capturing light and sometimes we need to add more light to a situation. Props help us to create the illusion of another space in portrait settings. These reviews will help you determine if the lighting gear and props you are interested in is the right gear for you.

Reviews - Photography Books

There are entire libraries worth of books about photography. These reviews should help you decide which ones are worth purchasing.

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