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LowePro Micro Trekker 100

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The Bottom Line

The LowePro Micro Trekker 100 is a well-padded bag with plenty of room for basic gear. While the wide design can create some issues in tight spaces (narrow trails), the bag is easily carried backpack style or on one shoulder. The large exterior pocket has plenty of room for extra memory cards, lens cloths, and even fits a battery charger.
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  • Room for considerable gear in compact space
  • Extra storage pockets
  • Water resistant fabric


  • Zipper is on outside edge of bag when carrying (risk of accidental opening)
  • Wide design can be bulky in tight spaces


  • Capacity per LowePro - SLR body, 2–3 extra lenses or flash or additional camera body
  • Interior Size per LowePro - 8.5W X 4.5D X 10.4H in.
  • Exterior Size per LowePro - 10.4W X 8.1D X 11.4H in.
  • Empty Weight per LowePro - 1.75lbs

Guide Review - LowePro Micro Trekker 100

The LowePro Micro Trekker 100 camera bag is a good all purpose bag for most photographers. It is padded enough to prevent damage from bumping into trees as you hike, yet soft enough to be flexible when necessary. An SLR body with 300mm lens attached, flash, additional lens, teleconverter, and lens hood all fit comfortably in the interior compartment. The zipper of the main compartment is turned to the outside of the bag when carrying so a twist tie is a good idea to prevent accidental opening when hiking. The harness for the bag is adjustable, although some will find the lower chest strap very uncomfortable.
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