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Top picks of Christmas card photo ideas for pets.


Taking holiday themed photos of your pets area great way to celebrate the holiday. Here are my top picks of Christmas card photo ideas for pets.

1. Pets in Santa Hats

Yes, its been done before but pets wearing Santa hats are still adorable. You can also try variations like your puppy holding the hat in his mouth or your cat looking inside an empty Santa hat.

2. Pets "Decorating" the Christmas Tree

Most pet owners have many stories of how their pets destroyed...um, helped decorate, the Christmas tree. This year set up the tree early with a few ornaments (just enough to work as a background and entice your pet to action) and let your pet do what he does best. Capture the action with your camera and you'll have a great Christmas card photo!

3. Pets "Kissing" Under Mistletoe

If you have two pets who like each other you can set them up for this shot but you will need a helper. Set your pets up in the location you want and get your helper to touch the nose of one with a food the other likes. This should get the other pet to sniff or lick the nose of the first pet. The helper will also hold the mistletoe (preferably plastic mistletoe) over the pets from outside the frame. It may take a few tries to get this shot but it is worth it.

Note - Real mistletoe is poisonous so it is very important to never leave it around pets or children without supervision.

4. Pets Unwrapping a Present

Many pets love to shred gift paper. Set up an "aftermath" scene under the Christmas tree with lots of ripped paper and overturned gifts. Place a bow on you pet's head and some ribbon LOOSELY around her shoulders. Give your pet a bone or mouse toy to hold (or place it at her feet) and you have a great image of the pet who tore up everything to find her present!

5. Pets in Front of Fireplace

A mantle decorated with stockings and greenery makes a wonderful background for a formal portrait of your pet. You can also catch your pet sleeping in front of the fireplace for a peaceful image.
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