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Top picks of Christmas card photo ideas for kids.


Taking holiday themed photos of your kids is a great family activity and creates wonderful memories. Here are my top picks of Christmas card photo ideas for kids.

1. Kids with Santa

Santa Claus is one of the most recognized figures associated with Christmas. Sometimes he's called Santa Claus, other times he is Father Christmas, still others he is Papa Noel. Regards of what he is called or the differences in his appearance, almost any child will recognize Santa in any of his forms. Beyond the traditional child sitting on Santa's lap, there are lots of options for Santa photos, especially if you can find a Santa with a sense of humor. Here are some great ideas for photos of kids with Santa and photos using the idea of Santa without Santa himself.
Child kissing Santa's cheek
Child pulling Santa's beard
Santa catching child eating milk and cookies
Small child wearing Santa's large coat and boots

2. Kids with Tongues Stuck to a Metal Pole

Of course you don't want your child to really stick their tongue to a metal pole. However, you can still create this image easily. While the weather is still warm, dress the child in a coat, hat, and gloves. Apply blush to his cheeks and nose to simulate a cold face. Pick out a flagpole or streetlamp where it is possible to get an uncluttered background. Place a square of clear packing tape over the pole. Let your child hold the pole and stick his tongue on the tape (no tongues on dirty metal please). Ask your child to hold a wide-eyed look of surprise and snap away. By using the clear tape your child will be protected from germs without the tape being obvious in the image.

3. Kids in Gift Boxes

For younger children, having them sit inside a large (open) wrapped box creates a great photo. Place some gift tissue paper around the child to fill in the box and dress the child in a holiday outfit. Place the wrapped package lid (with a big bow) beside the box or have the child hold it over his head as though he is popping out of the box.

4. Kids Spelling Holiday Words

It can be difficult to get several children to cooperate at one time. A great solution is to use several individual photos of your children, each holding one letter of a holiday word and then make a collage. For example, if you have three children, use the word "joy". Craft and hobby stores carry large letters that can be painted to whatever color you prefer.

5. Kids with Chins Resting on Hands

One of the simplest holiday poses is to have your child lie down on his stomach under the Christmas tree and place his head on his hands while looking at the camera. Place a few oversized ornaments and wrapped packages around him and the image is complete.
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