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Easter is a time of new growth and baby animals. Light pastel colors and fuzzy creatures tend to dominate these photos. Here are some ideas on props for Easter and a discussion on using live animals in portraits.

Should You Use Live Animals in Portraits?

For generations, parents have searched out photographers who will take portraits of their precious children with baby animals. Easter and spring are the traditional time of year when this type of photography is especially desired and available. However, is mixing live baby animals with children a good idea?...

Does Your Subject Have to Look at the Camera?

This applies to portraiture in general but at Easter it holds especially true. With so many cute props (like fuzzy animals) in the image, you will have a hard time keeping a child looking at the camera. So do they HAVE to look at the camera for a good photo?...

Photo Prop - 3 Baby Chicks

IF you want to avoid the hassle of live animals in your Easter photos then there are some excellent props on the market to create the illusion of live animals. This set of 3 baby chicks is very cute and...

Photo Prop - Small Standing Rabbit

This small standing rabbit is a great alternative to live bunnies who often become terrified when passed from person to person. There is also no chance of this prop biting...
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