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Valentine's Day Photography Ideas


Valentine's Day is a day devoted to love and affection. Photography is a great tool to use in celebrating love and affection. Here are some great ideas for props, backgrounds, and effects to make your Valentine's Day photography wonderful.

1. Carried Away By Balloons Photo Illusion

Photo ©Liz Masoner, All Rights Reserved
It's a simple illusion but a great idea for a Valentine's Day card. These easy instructions will help you get a great photo for Valentine's Day.

2. Valentine's Day Photo Card Candy Pop Holder Craft

©Liz Masoner
It's a super easy Valentine's Day card that won't break the bank and is sure to make a bit hit at your child's school Valentine's Day party! Find out how to make these adorable candy holder photo cards.

3. Graffiti-Style Heart Background

© Liz Masoner licensed to About.com, Inc.

Valentine's Day calls for special backgrounds. One great background for Valentine's Day photography is a graffiti-style heart. It is super simple, quick, and cheap to make this background.

4. Valentine's Day Photography Prop Ideas

Valentine's Day is all about love and the colors red and white. There are many different ways to express love in photos but these Valentine photography prop ideas will give you a great place to start.

5. Valentine's Day Candy Heart Prop

© Liz Masoner licensed to About.com, Inc.

Almost every photographer loves to look through catalogs of photography props. That is, look until they notice the prices! Don't let the prices of professional props discourage you from using props in your photography. This do-it-yourself Valentine's Day photography prop costs about $10 in materials and only takes about 1/2 hour to make.

6. Valentine's Day Prop - Large Word "LOVE"

© Liz Masoner licensed to About.com, Inc.

Valentine's Day is all about love. Using large word props as foreground and background items is a favorite way of photographers to convey an emotion. Plus its another prop for the collection of "cute kid" photo gear.

7. Soft Focus Technique

© Liz Masoner licensed to About.com, Inc.

There is a super quick and easy way to create a nice soft focus effect using layers in your digital darkroom software. This effect can add a fairytale (as with the example image), glamorous, or romantic effect to your images depending on the subject.

8. Valentine's Day Photography Location Ideas

Valentine's Day photography can require a bit of creativity to get a really special photo.  Here are some great ideas for locations for your Valentine's Day photo shoots.

9. Spot Color Editing

Photo © Liz Masoner, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Spot color is a great way to add a little romance to your black and white images.  Try leaving just a rose in color or the subjects eyes as the only color in the image.

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