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Valentine Photography Props - Prop Ideas for Valentine's Day Photography


Valentine's Day is all about love and the colors red and white.  There are many different ways to express love in photos but these Valentine photography prop ideas will give you a great place to start.


Flowers, specifically roses, make great Valentine's Day props.  Whether a single rose clasped shyly behind a young boy's back or a room filled with rose petals, flowers are great Valentine's Day props.  Don't forget that artificial roses and other flowers work very well in photography.

The Beach

It is a bit cliche but the beach is a great Valentine's Day photography prop.  Sandcastles, hearts drawn near the waves, bare feet walking along edge of the water, the ways to use the beach in Valentine photography is nearly endless.


For more innocent love, a child's drawing in crayons makes a great prop in Valentine photography.  Just remember that if you want the crayon drawing on the wall to cover the wall with paper first (if you crop carefully you won't notice it is paper) or be prepared to paint over the markings.


If you have a brick wall that you can paint on, graffiti is a great Valentine photography prop.  Please be sure you have permission before painting on any surface you do not personally own.


Bubbles aren't used a lot in photography but they work very well in Valentine phiotography.  Your local department store should carry a bubble machine for around $20 that will supply many bubbles to your scene.


Candles are one of the most common Valentine photography props and with good reason.  Candles provide a soft glow to scenes.  Just remember that you will need a high ISO, low shutter speed, very careful supplimental light placement, or a combination of these items to get the shot.


Valentine's Day photography wouldn't be complete without hearts.  Whether oversized fake candy hearts or large heart pillows, hearts can be used for romantic photos or cute Valentine photos.

Red Fabric

Red fabric is a great Valentine photography prop.  Whether draped in the background or bunched up to create an uneven base to your photo, red fabric offers a ton of possibilites.  Dark red velvet will create a much different feel to a photo than red silk.  Visit your local fabric store and you are sure to find quick inspiration.


Lace is another common but very useful Valentine photography prop.  Antique lace for a vintage look or black/red lace for a more racy look to photos.  Drapped lace fabric behind a subject can completely change the mood from innocent to riske' in a moment.


Champagne, or sparkling white grape juice, in champagne flutes is another great Valentine photography prop.  To add extra bubbles you can add a bit of seltzer water to the liquid.  Backlighting the liquid will help capture the bubbles in your photos.

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