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Helping Others With Your Hobby through Charity Photography


Charity photography may not be as common as some other types of photography but using your talents to support a cause you feel strongly about is a long-standing tradition in many parts of the world. With the constant need for publicity, charity photography is a service that is often in high demand by charity organizations.

Finding an Opportunity to Help
  • Call your favorite charitable organization
  • Look for charity event notices in the newspaper
  • Use a free volunteer service such as VolunteerMatch
What Can I Do?
  • Humane Society
    • Take photos of the animals for their adoption efforts
  • Take publicity photos
  • Take fundraising event photos
  • Retirement Homes
    • Take holiday photos of residents
    • Take portraits of residents with visiting family
  • Children's Services
    • Take holiday photos of the children with holiday characters such as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus
  • Silent Auctions for any Cause
    • Donate prints for auction
    • Take photographs of the event for future publicity
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