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Review of EchoPic Photo Sharing Website

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The Bottom Line

Note - EchoPic and TwitterPic are currently closed. The service ended on June 1, 2009.

EchoPic (and its sibling TwitterPic) are basic photo sharing websites that really work. No frills, no flashy ads, no distracting glitz, no "limited time offer - act now" garbage. EchoPic is exactly what users wanting to share images on forums want - a quick and easy place to store their images.


  • Its Free
  • Extremely Simple to Use
  • Photographer Friendly Terms of Use
  • Takes Copyright Infringement Seriously
  • Unlimited Storage


  • No Fancy Albums


  • Unlimited Storage (4MB per image limit for registered users)
  • Images are uploaded at your file size - resize before uploading
  • Did we mention its free?
  • Truly simple controls
  • Streamlined website is easy to navigate

Guide Review - Review of EchoPic Photo Sharing Website

EchoPic is photo sharing at its best. While there are no flashy albums or animation options, that is not what EchoPic was designed to do. EchoPic is for users who want a "parking space" for their photos on the web so they can participate in forums, MySpace, Twitter, personal blogs. A super clean and streamlined interface makes image uploads and linking quick and easy. A 4MB limit per image for registered users and 1MB limit per image for unregistered users with both having unlimited storage access makes EchoPic an awesome resource for anyone wishing to share images on the web.

The biggest kudos, however, go for EchoPic's non-rights grabbing terms of use and their serious response to copyright infringement. Their terms state that any image that "...infringes upon copyrights not held by the uploader, is illegal or violates any laws, will be immediately deleted and the IP address of the uploaded reported to authorities." While EchoPic's "Grab-It" feature is easy for someone abuse for the purpose of snatching a photo off the web that doesn't belong to them - EchoPic stores the source URL of those images and per EchoPic's creator, Noah Everett, will respond "immediately" to copyright issues.
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