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Wynn Bullock Stark Tree 1956


Wynn Bullock Stark Tree 1956
Wynn Bullock 1956

Stark Tree

Yale University Image Gallery

Wynn Bullock is a name found in most history books that highlight famous photographers.  This photograph is a Gelatin silver print of a regal tree in black and white. It is signed in pencil on the mount; titled and dated in pencil on the reverse of the mount.

Starting his career as a singer Bullock quit singing to attend the University of Southern California law school. He was   following in his mother’s footsteps.  His mom was California’s first woman jurist. 

At first he viewed photography as a hobby, but after spending a short time in law school he left USC and became a student of photography. A meeting with Edward Weston led him to take his photography career more seriously.  In 1955 two of his photos gained notoriety when they were selected by Edward Steichen to be included in his “The Family of Man,” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

Although Bullock tried his hand at color photography, he found black and white to be his true love.  His work has been included in over 90 major exhibitions around the world and has come to be known as an American Master of Photography.

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