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Couple at Coney Island by Walker Evans


Couple at Coney Island by Walker Evans
Couple At Coney Island

A couple enjoy a clear day in New York's Coney Island. 1928 Walker Evans.

Yale University Image Gallery

The year is 1928 and it was a clear cool day in New York’s Coney Island.  A couple is out enjoying the day when photographer Walker Evans comes upon them.  A lover of street photography, Evans recognizes the moment and snaps away.  The result is a photo which epitomizes Coney Island and its inhabitants.

Walker Evans loved anonymous street photos.  He believed that capturing these unknown subjects allowed the viewer to acquaint themselves with these strangers through their dress, attitude and expressions. 

Born in 1903 to a wealthy family in St. Louis, Missouri, Evans spent much of his career documenting the effects of poverty and the great depression on Americans. His career spanned close to fifty years. A writer and photographer, in 1945 he became a staff writer for Time  Magazine and then went on to become an editor at Fortune Magazine. In 1965 he became a professor of photography at the Yale University School of Art.

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