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Famous Photographer Biographies and Famous Photographs

The history of photography is so much more than the development of cameras. Join us as we explore history through the eyes of photographers that came before us. We'll delve into the biographies of these famous photographers and their famous photographs.
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Famous Women Photographers
Hub of biographies for some of the most famous women photographers throughout history.

Biographies and Profiles of Famous Photographers A-E
Biographies and profiles for famous photographers with last names starting with A-E.

Biographies and Profiles of Famous Photographers F-J
Biographies and profiles for famous photographers with last names starting with F-J.

Biographies and Profiles of Famous Photographers K-O
Biographies and profiles for famous photographers with last names starting with K-O.

Biographies and Profiles of Famous Photographers P-Z
Biographies and profiles for famous photographers with last names starting with P-Z.

Biographies of Famous Photographers
From Ansel Adams to Irving Penn, photographers and their subjects cover a wide range of viewpoint and personality. Here you will find biographies, links to photos, and more information about some of the most famous photographers past and present.

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Alan Diaz Profile
Alan Diaz spent months preparing for the photograph that would win him the Pulitzer Prize for best spot news photograph in 2000. The winning photograph was of federal agents with guns drawn entering Elian Gonzalez' family home to remove him and send him back to Cuba to be with his father.

Arthur Morris
Arthur Morris is a renowned nature photographer. His images of birds have appeared in thousands of books, magazines and calendars. He enjoys sharing his love of nature photography through his seminars and workshops.

Oded Balilty Biography
Oded Balilty is a Jerusalem born photojournalist who has spent much of his professional life covering conflict in war torn countries. His 2006 photo of an Israeli woman attempting to hold off troops sent to clear out her makeshift settlement won him the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news.

Appalachia by Milton Rogovin
Putting a face to poverty and unsafe working conditions, Milton Rogovin spent close to a decade in the Appalachian area. His images are poignant reminders of the suffering of the poor and the unsafe working conditions often endured for survival. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson made the crisis known to the world during their presidencies. Rogovin, who was labeled a communist in 1952, left his position as an optometrist to pursue photography as a form of expression.

Homeworkers By Lewis W. Hines 1912
Lewis W. Hine made a huge difference with his photographs of underage workers. His photo Homeworkers shows how young many children were when they were forced to work. Hine helped change this.

Edward Weston Quotes

Wynn Bullock Stark Tree 1956
The tree is a regal one standing below a stormy sky. Wynn Bullock has had over 90 exhibits of his work. A man who started out as singer and then attended law school originally viewed photography as only a hobby. After leaving law school he decided to pursue photography as a full time career.

Cathy and Cigarette Machine by Bruce Davidson
Bruce Davidson has a photographic career which has spanned over 70 years. Given a camera at the age of 7 and getting a darkroom built by the age of 10. His long illustrious career has been spent documenting life on the streets.

Organ Grinder by Eugène Atget
Roaming the streets of Paris, Eugène Atget stopped to document the people of the streets. The organ grinder was just one in a series of images he produced during this time.

Couple at Coney Island by Walker Evans
Walker Evans loves street photography. In 1928 he came upon a couple enjoying a fun day at New York's Coney Island. Evans snapped away and the reult was a candid shot that will not be forgotten.

Annie Leibovitz Quotes
Quotes by Annie Leibovitz

Martha Graham - "Letter to the World" By Barbara Brooks Morgan
Martha Graham is one of the most renowned dancers in the world. Barbara Brooks Morgan captured the beauty of dance through her photographs.

Famous Quotes by Photographer Jay Maisel
Jay Maisel spent forty years as an advertising photographer. Today he teaches photography workshops and seminars.

Louis Kahn by Arnold Newman
Environmental photographer Arnold Newman's photograph of famed architect Louis Kahn is a prime example of his work photographing subjects in settings that not only represented them but made them comfortable. He photographed some of the most famous icons of his time.

Woman with a Fur Collar by Diane Arbus
Diane Arbus is known for documenting the abnormal. Her photo of the woman with the fur collar is a perfect example of the type of subjects that Arbus focused on throughout her career.

The Ancient Arapaho by Edward S. Curtis
Edward S. Curtis was commissioned by J.P. Morgan to prepare a series on the North American Indian as a way to preserve their history for centuries to come. Curtis took over 40,000 images to arrive at his required 1,500 images as part of a 20 volume set.

An Old Lady with a Yeast Bottle at a Cottage Door by Francis Meadow Sutcliffe
Francis Meadow Sutcliffe was an English photographer who focused on the average citizens of his victorian town. His images show what life was like at this point in history.

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