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Review of PhoozL IQ - A Photo IQ Quiz and PhoozL IQ Free

PhoozL IQ Overview

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Admit it, pretty much all of us have at least a handful of games on our iPhones, iPads, or other "smart" devices. There really hasn't been too much for photographers in the way of games though. PhoozL IQ changes that with a trivia and knowledge game that challenges your photographic knowledge. Played in sets of 10 questions (100 total questions shuffled) with a vicious timer, PhoozL IQ uses photographs, diagrams, and text questions to make you really think about what you know about photography. Overall, it is a challenging and fun app. I do find the scoring a bit rough as there is not a delay for reading the question before the timer starts but I haven't found any glaring errors in the accuracy of the questions/answers so far.

Currently, both free and Pro (paid) versions are only available in native iPhone versions but an iPad version is coming soon (the iPhone version will work on iPad but is at iPhone size).


Gameplay for PhoozL IQ is pretty straightforward. A question appears on the screen and a timer starts counting down from 15 seconds. A question may be a text question, a comparison of photos, or a text question about a specific photo or illustration. Answers may be chosen by tapping the correct photo or a text answer from a highlighted list. Hints are available at a cost to your score but with a 15 second timer you'll most likely run out of time before you realize you need a hint.


As I write this the top score on iPad GameCenter the top score is 132 out of 150 for the Pro version. Someone has made a perfect 100 on the free version.

Scoring is based on how many right answers you get and how fast you enter those correct questions. There is a 15 second timer for each of the 10 questions in a round (Pro version - Free version allows 20 seconds). To get a perfect 150 on the Pro version you would have to answer all 10 questions correctly very quickly. For example, my top score of 132 means I answered all 10 questions correctly and only took a combined total of just under 2 seconds to enter those answers (the scoring is a bit more complex than that but that will get you the general idea).

Now, don't panic and think the game is impossible. While I dislike that there is no buffer or pause to allow you to read the question before the timer starts, the timer pauses while you read the answer explanation after entering a guess/answer. The time counted is only the time a live question is on your screen.

I imagine as more people play the game more often the scores recorded will increase dramatically as questions/answers are memorized so that the speed increases.

Types of Questions

Questions run from very simple reviews of basic photography concepts (ISO, shutter speed, etc) to more advanced concepts of lighting, techniques such as sepia and desaturation, and how color is created. Probably the most tricky for the average user would be the "who took this photo" questions that refer to antique, famous, and not so famous photographs.

The mix of questions is good so that you are not likely to get a run of 3 or 4 of the same type of question in a game. Expect a good mix of equipment questions, technique quiz, and general trivia in each set of 10 questions.

Differences Between Paid (Pro) and Free Versions

    Paid/Pro Edition
  • 100 Questions asked 10 at a time
  • 150 Top Score Possible
  • More Difficult Questions
  • 15 Second Timer Per Question
  • $1.99
  • Marathon "Extended Play" Option to Answer all 100 Questions in a Single Round for 99Cents Additional
    Free Edition
  • 50 Questions asked 10 at a time
  • 100 Top Score Possible
  • Easier Questions
  • 20 Second Timer Per Question
  • Free
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