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Professional photography props are almost always expensive. But there are ways to find great props without spending a fortune. Take a look at this list of great ideas to help you make your children's portraiture memorable.


Almost every child loves to chase and pop bubbles. Most party supply stores and many discount stores carry inexpensive bubble making machines. These bubbles floating past your subject will elicit some wonderful reactions and expressions.
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Small Plaster Pedestal

A small plaster pedestal can be found at local hobby stores or some home decor stores. They are excellent props for older kids to lean on. They also work very well for younger kids to sit on if you lay the pedestal down at an angle.[br] [br] These pedestals usually come unfinished and can be left that way or you can paint them to whatever color you desire.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs offer almost unlimited posing potential with children. These are available at most discount stores and many specialty stores. Be sure to use ones covered in fabric rather than vinyl to avoid unwanted flash reflections.

Grown Up Stuff

Kids love to play that they are grown-up. Adult hats, shoes, purses, ties, and jewelry are perfect props for absolutely adorable child portraits. For the cutest images be sure to select gaudy items that clash with each other and whatever the child is wearing.

Wicker Chairs

Large wicker chairs are wonderful for more serious images. Add some fake ivy around the base of the chair for a more classic look. These chairs can often be found at thrift stores and yard sales for very low cost.

Garden Bench

Garden benches are another great option for a more classical portrait. Whether wood, metal, or plaster, these benches can be found at most garden supply stores or discount stores. Again, fake ivy works well with these props.


A plain large mirror can be set in the floor and surrounded by ivy or fabric to create a whimsical image. Simply have the child lay down on his or her stomach and gaze into the mirror.

Large Alphabet Blocks

Large alphabet and number blocks have been a staple of child portraiture for years. However, they can be made from sturdy craft boxes with glued on letters or numbers from your local hobby supply store. Then just paint them to your desired color scheme. Children can sit on or next to the blocks.
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