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Create Your Own Photography Accessories

Tired of looking longingly at the backgrounds and props in the local photographer's studio? Wishing you could make some of those cute photo gifts they offer? You've found the right place to learn how to do it yourself and have a lot of fun in the process.

Graffiti-Style Heart Photography Background
Instructions on how to make a graffiti style heart photography background for Valentine's Day

Make a Fake Candy Heart Prop for Valentine's Day Photography
how to make a fake candy heart prop for valentines day photography.

How to Make a "Love" Wording Photography Prop for Valentine's Day
How to Make a "Love" Wording Photography Prop for Valentine's Day

How to Make Your Own "Old Master" Style Background
How to make your own old master style photography background

Children's Photography Props
Inexpensive props for children's portrait photography.

Make Your Own Pre-Cut Mat Photo Frame
How to make a simple frame for photographs to be placed on cubicle walls or in lockers

Frame Decoration Ideas
Ideas for materials to decorate picture frames.

Create an Inexpensive Light Box
A nice set of instructions from Jacci Howard Bear, About.com's Guide to Desktop Publishing, on how to create your own photography light box.

Make a Portable Table Top Photography Box
Lesley Shepherd, the About.com Guide to Miniatures, has created instructions on how to make a very inexpensive tabletop lighting box for photographing small objects. Bear in mind that if you use regular household lighting you will need to use filters or reset your white balance to offset the color temperature difference.

Inexpensive Studio Lighting
This article from Shuttertalk explains how to set up studio lighting from garage equipment.

How to Make Lens Creatures
Instructions for making lens creatures for your camera.

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