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All About Instagram

 By Liz Masoner, Guide to Photography
Published May 1, 2012 ©
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What is Instagram?

Charlie Zegers©, alligators Instagram is a photo filter and sharing application for iPhones and Android based smartphones. It includes 17 filters in the download although there are vague promises of future expansions on the Instagram website.

How Much Does it Cost?

Instagram (as of this article's publish date), is a free download through the iTunes store and Google Play.

What Does it Do?

Instagram allows you to quickly apply a filter/effect to your photos and then share those photos on the Instagram site or one at a time to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, or Twitter. If photos are tagged you can also use them to check in with Foursquare. Photos can also be sent via email.

What Filters are Available?

The filters included in Instagram are almost all antique style filters made to make the photo look older. However, standard process names are no applied to the filters, they have Instagram created names that rarely hint at their purpose. Currently the filters are: Kelvin, 1977, Nashville, Valencia, Hefe, Walden, Inkwell, Brannan, Toaster, Sutro, Earlybird, Lo-fi, Sierra, X pro II, Hudson, Rise, and Amaro.

Can I Upload My Photos Privately?

Yes, there is a private sharing function that limits visibility to your approved followers on Instagram's site.

What Size Does Instagram Save Photos As?

Instagram overrides your image settings but only for the upload versions of the image. Instagram uploads a small file about 8.5" square at 72dpi but then saves the largest version possible for your device. However, if you import a photo to Instagram instead of using a photo taken with the phone the max resolution to be saved is 612x612.

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