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Photo Printing Review - Review of CanvasPop.com

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The Bottom Line

CanvasPop.com really impressed me with their friendly service and high quality products. The results they achieved from a tiny FaceBook pic printed on large canvas was quite frankly amazing. With high quality materials, competitive pricing, and a wide variety of print options, CanvasPop.com has set themselves apart from the competition.


  • Very high quality prints
  • Comes with wire hanging hardware already attached
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • OBA free and UV sealed
  • Excellent editing work by CanvasPop.com staff


  • Canvas not cut flush with frame on back of print


  • Owned by DNA11
  • Produces gallery-wrap PhotoGiclee prints on canvas
  • UV sealed, OBA free matte textured 20.5 mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend
  • Competitive pricing and high quality results
  • Creates large canvas prints from low rez files

Guide Review - Photo Printing Review - Review of CanvasPop.com

Owned by DNA11, CanvasPop.com has quickly set themselves apart from the competition in a crowded field of photo on canvas printers.

The Product
Photos are printed and wrapped on frames in gallery-wrap style (part of the photo covers the sides of the frame), unmounted canvas, or mounted with solid frame. The gallery wrapped prints come in three depth options (3/4", 1 1/2", and 2"). The print quality is outstanding and canvas has a very nice texture to it unlike some printers that use a very slick canvas. Ten different filter effects are offered by CanvasPop, some included in standard pricing and some at an additional cost. Each order includes a digital proof sent to you with a summary of any editing done by staff for your review and approval or disapproval. Each print is also UV sealed. Wire hanging hardware is included at no charge and installed well. My only nitpick about the product itself is that the canvas edge is not cut flush with the frame on the back.

Large Canvas from Cell Phone and FaceBook Photos? Yes!
CanvasPop claims to be able to print almost any size and resolution photo as a large canvas print, including FaceBook sized images. Always happy to push the limits of a company, I selected a photo originally taken with a cell phone several years ago and then uploaded to FaceBook (about 6"x8" at 72dpi - and rather overcompressed). I then saved the file back to my computer from FaceBook and sent uploaded it to CanvasPop to be put on a 20" x 24" canvas. By that afternoon the staff at CanvasPop had already completed their editing and sent me the link to a digital proof. They had digitally reconstructed vital bits of the image and added a very mild paint effect to the image along with a list of other tweaks. When the canvas arrived it lived up to the digital proof. The end result was actually more pleasing than the photo as it had appeared on FaceBook (we all know how FaceBook likes to mangle our photos). No trace of pixelation could be found and the overall effect is honestly quite beautiful. I do a lot of photo editing and I am impressed with what the CanvasPop staff achieved so very quickly.

The Order Process
The order process is very straightforward with no tedious alignments of the print needed. The CanvasPop staff does the tedious work and the included digital proof allows customers to be ensured of no ugly errors when the canvas arrives. Shipping is a flat rate with free shipping on orders over $150.

The Shipment
My order was shipped quickly with accurate tracking available on the website from time of order. Emailed updates came in a timely manner and links provided all worked. The prints were well packed and sealed in individual bags within the box to prevent damage during shipping.
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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