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Photo Software - Review of Image Doctor 2

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The Bottom Line

Image Doctor 2 by Alien Skin is a plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Image Doctor 2 is designed to fix what is wrong with not only photos but the subjects. From bad skin to blemishes, Image Doctor 2 does the hard work of giving your images a professionally airbrushed look. Image Doctor 2 is also a wonderful tool for genealogists with relatively easy repair of time damaged photos from rips and tears.


  • Allows easy repair of scratches and tears
  • Multiple presets plus tweaking ability
  • Easy background fill


  • Price
  • Relies heavily on selection skills (as do all programs of this type)


  • JPEG repair - helps correct and minimize jagged blocks from over-compressed JPEGs
  • Old photo repair - repairs scratches and rips based on selection
  • Smart fill - basically a quick clone that easily fills in unwanted areas for you
  • Skin softening - adds an airbrushed look to photos making skin smooth and even in tone
  • Blemish removal - removes moles, scars, and other skin defects based on selection

Guide Review - Photo Software - Review of Image Doctor 2

Image Doctor 2 by Alien Skin helps quickly fix photo mistakes, not just mistakes of the photographer, but mistakes of image quality and subject imperfections. A few quick clicks is all it takes to give skin a professionally airbrushed look like you would see in fashion magazines. Have a cherished photo that you mistakenly saved at a poor quality setting? Image Doctor 2 can help restore what was lost to poor digital quality. Torn images are no problem either with Image Doctor 2. The dust and scratch removal feature quickly replaces tears with what should have been there.

While Image Doctor 2 relies heavily on the selection skills of the photographer, it does an excellent job of blending fixed edges into the original image so that the repairs are not blatant.

Another feature of Image Doctor 2 that photographers will love is the smart fill feature. Designed to allow photographers to remove unwanted objects in images such as power poles, this feature is a wonderful short cut to filling in extra background when you cropped an image too tightly for a particular enlargement format.

Overall, Image Doctor 2 is relatively easy to use and a very useful tool for correcting specific image defects.

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