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Review of Portrait Professional Studio Photo Editing Software

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The Bottom Line

Portrait Professional Studio is photo editing software targeted specifically at facial editing. Portrait Professional lets even novice users quickly and easily create "glamor" portraits. Acne disappears with a couple of mouse clicks. Droopy eyelids are widened easily. Jawlines are smoothed with ease. Portrait Professional truly delivers powerful editing with incredibly simple controls.


  • Very intuitive controls
  • Powerful edits that look natural
  • Extremely fine control over edits


  • Easy to "overdo" edits
  • Occasional artifact errors when editing multiple faces in one image


  • Facial editing program including face sculpting
  • Three versions available: Standard, Studio (adds RAW/Tiff/color spaces support), and Studio 64 (optimized for 64 bit Windows)
  • Includes many presets for specific age ranges of models for one click editing

Guide Review - Review of Portrait Professional Studio Photo Editing Software

I was admittedly very skeptical when I first heard of Portrait Professional and Portrait Professional Studio software. Promises of quick but powerful edits that returned high fashion model results just didn't click with my photo editing experience. Almost instantly upon opening Portrait Professional Studio my skepticism began to melt. After using some quick drag and drop type selectors to roughly outline my model's face and features in the program the default settings returned very impressive results. A couple of quick additional clicks to refine the skin area and tweak the facial sculpting and I was very close to astounded.

The real genius of Portrait Professional is that the edits made (as long as you don't go completely overboard) are very subtle. Put the before and after images side by side and you'll be hard pressed to point out all the changes. However, flip between the two and you quickly see just how much change really was made while still keeping the model looking like herself (or himself).

Facial sculpting (jaw/eyes/forehead/mouth shape), eyeglass shape preservation, skin editing, eye/hair/mouth tweaks, a manual touch up brush, and basic lighting/composure tools make Portrait Professional a very powerful program. Edits look extremely natural when used properly although pushing all sliders to the far extremes will return a completely unnatural look. Controls allow a delicate level of control that result in very impressive results by even the most inexperienced user.

The only real glitch we ran into was when heavily editing two faces in the same image the second face edits would occasionally create off polynomial artifacts on the first face. Simply save your image after each face to avoid having to redo images completely.
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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