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Review of Blueprints on Fabric

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The Bottom Line

Blueprints on Fabric is basically a cyanotype without having to own an enlarger or darkroom chemicals. This process creates a bluescale (vs greyscale) contact print. The results are absolutely beautiful when done correctly and this product is simple enough for almost any child to use. Blueprints on Fabric is a great way to introduce kids to photographic processes and for grown up photographers to explore alternative processes.


  • Non-toxic in normal usage (don't eat it please)
  • No chemicals needed
  • Variety of fabric types
  • Treated paper also available


  • Can take a bit of practice to get right
  • Not as sensitive as "traditional" cyanotype printing


  • Hand-treated light-sensitive fabric
  • Easy to use
  • No toxic chemicals to clean up
  • Very few other items needed
    Non-UV glass, backing board, and clamps
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Great for photographers, teachers, homeschoolers, family crafts, science fair projects, and many other uses

Guide Review - Review of Blueprints on Fabric

Blueprints on Fabric supplies hand-treated light-sensitive fabric and cardstock that produce a cyanotype result. Cyanotype is an early photographic process using potassium ferricyanide instead of silver nitrate. (Blueprints on Fabric uses potassium ferricyanide and ferric sal.t) This is what causes the blue color instead of the grey of silver.

Blueprints on Fabric has made the process of cyanotypes incredibly simple for anyone wanting to try it. The fabric arrives sealed in a lightproof pouch and has an instruction sheet. All you have to do is remove the fabric (not in the sunlight), place it on a sturdy board, arrange your objects or transparency/negative, place non-UV blocking glass on top, and place in the sun for around 10 minutes (more if cloudy). After that, you only need to remove the objects and rinse with plain water. The results are beautifully detailed objects in shades of blue and white. If you use a transparency you need a heavy piece of glass and a dense negative.

Ladies, if you are tired of your husbands stealing your good fabric scissors - now is the time for payback. Your husband's workshop clamps work wonderfully for securing the glass/objects/fabric/backing board together.

The fabric is sensitive to UV light, so the shades are affected by how much UV light the objects/transparencies/negatives block from reaching the fabric. In other words - the color of your objects and their density do matter. However, Blueprints on Fabric sells fabric test strips so you can practice until you are sure of your result before using the larger fabric.

Blueprints on Fabric is a wonderful product for anyone wanting to try out cyanotype without a large time or money investment.
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