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Photo Rights, Photographers' Rights,Copyright Information and Resources

Beyond just taking photographs, photographers need to know about the legal issues. While the legal issues vary greatly depending on circumstances and location, there is some basic information that everyone should know.
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How To Price Your Photos - A Guide On How To Price Photography
How To Price Your Photos - A Guide On How To Price Photography

Facebook vs. Google+ Licensing Rights: Who is More Photographer Friendly?
Is Google+ or Facebook more photographer friendly? Find out what rights you sign away just by uploading a photo.

Instructions on where to find copyright information on Flikr
Instructions on where to find copyright information on Flikr

Creative Commons - What Do Creative Commons Licenses Mean
Flikr, Google, and Wikipedia all use Creative Commons licensing for their content...or at least user uploaded content. However, the licensing terms can be confusing at first. This list will expalin in plain language what the Creative Commons licensing really means. There are 4 basic licenses under Creative Commons. By combining these...

Photography Rights - Licensing Your Work
Information on photography rights and what different licensing means.

Art Thieves, When the Art World Embraces Copyright Violators
Discussion of the damage done when art galleries and buyers embrace works that are slightly changed images created by others.

Photographer's Rights Overview
Overview of what you can and cannot do with a camera.

Photography Regulations are Often Unclear
Photographers are used to being able to take photos pretty much wherever they go in public. Now there is a growing wave of entities requiring permits for photography. While needing a permit isn't a big deal, it turns out that trying to get a straight answer about needing one is.

Reader Stories of Photographer's Rights Violations
Stories from About Photography Readers About Photographer Rights Violations and Events

When Do I Need A Model Release
Answer to the question - When Do I Need A Model Release

Do I Need A Model Release For My Own Child?
Do I Need A Model Release For My Own Child?

Intellectual Property Theft
A nice blog entry from Jennifer Kyrnin, the About.com Guide to web design, about reposting of internet articles (applies to photographs as well).

Copyright on the Web
An excellent article from Jennifer Kyrnin, About.com's Guide to Web Design, on copyrights as they apply to the internet.

Review of "Legal Handbook for Photographers"
Review of the book Legal Handbook for Photographers by Bert Krages

PicScout Image Tracker Review
A review of PicScout, a photography copyright infringement tracking service

Creative Commons Licensing
Creative Commons licensing is becoming very prevalent on the Internet, especially with many photo sharing sites. This link explains what the different types of Creative Commons licenses allow.

Bloggers Beware: Debunking Nine Copyright Myths of the Online World
A fantastic explanation of online copyright myths and fact from LLRX.com, Law and Technology Resources for Legal Professionals.

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Photos Online
Someone stole your photos online? This list will show you steps to get the photos removed.

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