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Top picks for Christmas Photography Props


Props can make or break a photograph. Here are my top picks for Christmas photography props.

1. Santa Claus Suit

Whether you are putting an oversized Santa jacket on a child or creating traditional portraits of children sitting on Santa Claus's lap, a quality Santa suit makes all the difference in creating a classic image.
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2. Oversize Christmas Ornament

Adding a couple of oversized Christmas ornaments to your composition is a great way to add visual interest to Christmas photos. Be sure to buy shatterproof ornaments to prevent cuts and scrapes if a child accidentally sits on the ornament.
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3. Large Holiday Word Sign

In addition to making your own holiday word props from large letters found at craft stores, you can often purchase words such as "NOEL" in home decor sections of department stores. These large holiday words add a nice touch to almost any Christmas photo.
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4. Red Velvet Fabric

Dark red velvet makes a wonderful Christmas background/floor material. Just remember that you will need several yards to create a background for children while 1 or 2 yards would be enough for a small pet.
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5. Oversized Stocking

Placing a child or pet in a stocking is a very cute holiday photo. But you need a really big stocking to do the job. A 4-foot long stocking will work find for more small pets and young children.
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