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Christmas Photography Tips - Christmas Photo Ideas


From Santa photos to family greeting card photo ideas, I've compiled some great Christmas photography ideas to make your Christmas photos special.

Santa Photo Tips

Its the Christmas holiday photography season again! Time for more blurry photos of unsmiling kids sitting in Santa's lap, right? Wrong! Your Santa photos will not be disasters this year! There really are some super easy ways to...

Christmas Greeting Card Photos Tips

Christmas photo cards are a great way to make your Christmas greetings personal. It allows each family to represent their personalities and involves the whole family in the process of creating the card. For many families this has turned into a competition of sorts, with the goal being to have the “best” photo card of the season within their circle of friends. Here are some ideas to...

Top Picks for Christmas Photo Props

From Santa suits to stockings, this list will help you add some zing to your Christmas photos this year.
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