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Christmas card photo ideas can be a challenge to come up with, especially if you've never done it before but even if you have yet want to do something particularly memorable this year that stands out from the rest. Among the tips you'll find worth noting are timing; including kids, pets and other family members in your photos; using props; card types and how to fold them.

Such pictures are a great way to make your Christmas greetings personal. It allows each family to represent their personalities and involves the whole family in the process of creating the card. For many families this has turned into a competition of sorts, with the goal being to have the “best” photo card of the season within their circle of friends. These Christmas photography tips are sure to make your Christmas photo card the best it can be this year.

Take Your Photos Early
Remember for a great Christmas card photo is to do it early! Plan ahead and make your photos before the last minute so you have time for re-shoots if necessary. This will cut down on the stress while setting up and shooting the image which will make everyone happier.

Pick a Photo Idea
The key to a great Christmas photo card is to be creative. Whether you prefer religious overtones, formal posed images, or wacky fun there is still room to be creative in creating this year’s photo. To help you find the “perfect” idea for you we have several lists of Christmas card photo ideas to get you thinking.

Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Kids
Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Families
Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Pets

Pick Some Props
Once you have a great photo idea for your Christmas photo card, you need some props to complete the image. While “professional” photo props can cost a lot of money, you can find props for most Christmas photo card ideas without spending a fortune.

Top Picks for Christmas Photo Props

Pick a Card
Once you’ve gotten your Christmas card photo taken, you need to select a card to put it on/in. There are lots of options available in cards so that you can easily make the card fit your photo.

  • One Sided Cards
    Many companies offer 4”x8” greeting card templates that are printed only on one side. These template cards accommodate single or multiple images and have predesigned backgrounds with space for text. They are very economical and popular. Almost any photo lab like MPix, Snapfish, or even Wal-Mart offers this format card.

  • Hand-Made Cards
    Hand made cards can be as simple or complex as you like. Sherri Osborn, our Guide to Family Crafts has images of some wonderful examples of cards, most of which could be modified to include a photo. Janet Wickell, our Guide to Quilting, has information on creating fabric cards which have lots of possibilities to add photos. Connie Thomas, our Guide to Cross Stitching, has patterns for cross-stitched cards that I think could be turned into photo borders very easily. Our About.com Guide to Painting, Marion Boddy-Evans, has lots of ideas to incorporate painting into your greeting cards as well. Any of these hand-made card ideas work wonderfully on their own, or when combined with photographs.

  • Folding Cards
    Traditional folding cards have recently been gaining popularity as photo cards. Photo printing companies are beginning to offer folded cards for much more reasonable prices and with smaller minimum orders so that these are becoming an attractive alternative for those wanting a more “professional” look than a flat card. Another folded card option is the frame card. While fold and tape folded frame cards have been readily available for a while, they do not usually produce quality results. However, a company called Photographer’s Edge now offers frame cards out of heavy textured paper in a design that creates a near seamless integration of the card and photo. The cards are also a true 5”x7” size so that they frame very nicely after the holidays.
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