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Preset Camera Modes - What Are They?
Most of today's cameras, whether digital or film, have some presets. These are camera settings that are preprogrammed into the camera so that the photographer only has to turn a dial to change several settings at once. These presets have become widely varied between camera manufacturers with everything from "foliage" to "beach" presets. Some cameras even have "fireworks" presets. However, there are a few presets that are almost standards and appear on a wide variety of cameras. Once you learn about these more common presets you will better understand the idea behind the more specialized presets as well. These common presets come in two types. These types are basic and advanced. The basic presets are meant to do almost all of a photographer's thinking for the photographer. In these modes the camera figures out the correct exposure and makes all the camera settings within the preset preferences. The advanced presets are geared towards photographers who know a bit more about their cameras and want some level of control while still speeding up the picture taking process. Some of these presets still allow the camera to maintain proper exposure while the photographer makes one or two setting changes. Others leave all of the settings up to the photographer.
  • Basic
  • Action
  • Landscape
  • Macro
  • Night Portrait
  • Portrait
  • Advanced
    • Aperture Priority
    • Shutter Priority
    • Manual

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