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Shutter Speed Basics
Shutter speed one of the 3 basic light control functions of a camera. Aperture, film speed, and shutter speed work together to adjust how much light strikes film and how that light is recorded. This lesson will explain in detail what shutter speed is and how it relates to photography.

One of the most requested photography tips is shutter speed help. Shutter speed is one of the most basic important controls on a camera. Shutter speed controls the amount of time that your film, or digital sensor, is exposed to light. In effect, the shutter determines what image is captured on your film. The shutter is a small plastic sheet that opens and closes to allow light onto the film or prevent light from reaching the film. The shutter is opened when you press the shutter release button on your camera to take a picture. The shutter speed determines how long the shutter remains open.

In cameras with TTL (through the lens) viewfinders, the shutter release button also moves a mirror out of the way of the film and shutter curtain. It is this movement of the shutter curtain and the mirror that gives taking a picture its distinctive "click" sound. As you become more familiar with your camera and shutter speed you will begin to notice the difference in the sound of the the "click" based on the speed of the shutter. In time, you will be able to tell approximately what shutter speed any camera in the room is using just by the sound of the shutter.
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