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Camera Basics

Camera basics will introduce you to different types of cameras, explain the different parts of a camera, show you how to use a camera, and a give you a glossary of camera terms
  1. Parts of a Camera (7)

What is a Camera?
A short introduction to what is a camera with a comparison to today's more sophisticated cameras.

Photography Tips - Aperture
Photography tips on what aperture is, how aperture relates to F-Stop, and how aperture affects photography.

Autofocus Points - What are Autofocus Points on a Camera
Autofocus points are shown when looking through the viewfinder of most SLR and DSLRs, even a few point and shoot cameras use them. So what are they? They are designed to help you know where your camera is focusing and to let you fine where the camera focuses. This lesson with explain autofocus points and how they are used in simple terms.

Basic Camera Care
The basics on how to care for your camera

Digital Zoom vs Optical Zoom
Information on digital zoom vs optical zoom and how it affects your images.

Major Types of Cameras
Introduction to what types of cameras are on the market today along with links to some of the most popular models of cameras

Noise - What is Noise in a Digital Camera?
Noise in a digital camera is that often annoying grainy look that makes your photos seem like they were shot in a dust storm or printed on an old dot matrix printer. This lesson will show you what causes noise and how to minimize it's effects on your pictures.

Preset Camera Modes
A photography lesson on what preset camera modes do and how to use them.

Protecting Your Camera From the Weather
Cameras are sophisticated pieces of equipment and can be very expensive. This article from Michael Carr, About.com's guide to digital cameras, shows you how to protect your investment from the elements.

Shoot Like the Big Boys - Best Digital SLRs for Amateurs
Photography is no longer the exclusive domain of professionals with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Today's Digital SLRs can produce extremely high quality images and still allow great flexibility in shooting.

Shutter Speed
Detailed information on what shutter speed is and how shutter speed affects photography.

Shutter Speed - How to Measure Shutter Speed
Photography lesson on how to measure shutter speed in photography.

Shutter Speed - How to Set Shutter Speed
Photography lesson on how to set shutter speed on your camera.

Shutter Speed - Shutter Speed in Advanced Pre-programmed Camera Modes
Photography lesson on how shutter speed relates to advanced pre-programmed camera modes.

Shutter Speed - Shutter Speed in Basic Pre-programmed Camera Modes
Photography lesson on how shutter speed relates to the basic pre-programmed photo modes in cameras.

Shutter Speed - Shutter Speed Photography Lesson

Shutter speed is one of the basic camera controls that allows us to control our photographs.  These lessons will teach you what shutter speed is, how to set shutter speed, how to use basic and advanced camera preset modes, and example shutter speeds for various situations.

Shutter Speed - Shutter Speed Situation Guide
Photography lesson showing suggested shutter speeds for certain photography situations

Shutter Speed - What is Shutter Speed
Explanation of what shutter speed is and how it works.

Shutter Speed Basics
Information on what is shutter speed and how to set the shutter speed on your camera for photography.

Three Settings You Should Change NOW On Your Camera

Factory settings are a bit different for every camera out there. However, there are three settings you should change now on your camera to get the best photos possible.

Types of Viewfinders
Information on the different types of camera viewfinders and how to use them.

Understanding Your Camera's Light Meter
Information on understanding your camera's light meter

Using Your Built-In Flash
Information on your camera's built-in flash and how to use it effectively in photography.

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