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Photography Assignment #49 - Heat


Our fun assignment for this month is "heat". It is summer in many parts of the world so this is a great time for you to photograph things that convey the idea of heat. It could be a fire or an arid desert. Perhaps ice cream melting or a fried egg on pavement. Think of something that represents heat in your mind and capture it with your camera.

Each person will be limited to two entries for this assignment. I will copy the entries into an entry image gallery within 2 days of the entries being posted.

Things to Remember
Read over the complete rules for details on posting your entries, image size requirements, and helpful hints. Entries MUST comply with those rules to be valid.

The deadline for this contest will be at 10PM Eastern time on June 30th.

Images must be taken during the contest period (June 16 - June 30).

Assignment winners will be announced July 6th.

Entries must be clearly marked as "Entry 1" or "Entry 2". Entrants are limited to ONE change of entry. If an entry must be changed you must edit your original post to say "retracted entry" and the new entry post MUST state that it is a replacement entry.

Photography Assignment Rules
Assignment FAQ
Assignment 49 - Heat Entry Thread (entries must be posted in this thread using the REPLY feature)

Image Gallery of Current Assignment Entries
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