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Winners of Street Photography Contest, #104


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Winners of Street Photography Contest, #104
Our July 2012 photo contest was "street photography". Street photography perpetually finds an audience because of its rawness and because people are its subject. As expected (street photography can be nerve-wrecking for many), we had a smaller pool of entries for this contest but the entries received showed a nice variety of scenes and styles.

If you are interested in trying street photography yourself, take our street photography lesson after reading the critiques of our winning images.

Once you've seen the winning images and read the critiques, don't forget to hop over to the entry page and see all the other great entries as well. Note that large thumbnail images are displayed on the entry page. Just click the thumbnail to see the full photo.

Congratulations to our winner and finalists of Photography Assignment #104 - Street Photography

Winner - Mahashakes
Finalists - Ben Spalding, Kate Brown, and Sandi OReilly
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