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The Effect of Aperture/F-Stop on Depth of Field - Photography
Aperture is measured by F-Stop on your camera controls. F-Stop settings represent a ratio derived from the size of the lens opening and focal length. Aperture ...
Measuring Aperture - Photography - About.com
Aperture is measured using F-Stops. F-Stop numbers represent a fractional formula representation of the amount of light allowed to pass through the aperture.
What is the Sunny 16 Rule in Photography - About.com
Sunny 16 means using an F16 F-Stop on a bright and sunny day instead of using your camera's built-in light meter or an external light meter. This idea came ...
Digital Camera Glossary: F-stop
The digital camera glossary defines the f-stop, short for focal-stop, as the numerical measurement of the aperture settings in a digital camera lens.
What Are F-Stops - Digital Cameras - About.com
Use these tips to learn more about using f-stops with your DSLR camera's lenses.
Understanding Aperture and How to Use It in Photography
The camera's aperture is measured in f-stops. Aperture has two functions on a DSLR -- as well as controlling the amount of light passing through the lens, it also  ...
Moon Photography – Getting Great Moon Pictures
To get a clear, detailed photograph of the moon you will need to underexpose the image by 1/2 stop to 1 stop. It is fine to use a small F-stop (large aperture) for ...
What Is Depth of Field - Digital Cameras - About.com
Other photos look better with a small depth of field. You can control depth of field by changing the aperture of the lens, which is designated by an f-stop number.
Photography: Aperture Overview Video
It is measured in f-stops which is merely a number that represents the size of the aperture opening. The larger the opening the more light you are allowing into ...
Dynamic Range - What Your Eye Sees That Your Camera Does Not
The human eye can see over 20 f-stop equivalents in a scene because the eye constantly adjusts. While we think of a scene as one solid image, our eyes are ...
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