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The Basics of Copyright Registration - Inventors - About.com
In the United States, the Library of Congress officially registers copyrights which now last for the life of the author plus 70 years. No one else can profit or copy ...
What Is a Copyright? - Inventors - About.com
Answer: A copyright protects the form of expression of a creator against copying. ... license" under which certain limited uses of copyrighted works are permitted ...
Copyright a Painting Idea -- Artist's FAQ - About.com
Find out how to copyright a painting, and whether you can do it with an idea you' ve had, in this Artist's FAQ.
Copyrights - Inventors - About.com
Copyright law information and copyright protection - Using the United States Copyright Office for registration and application forms.
Copyright on the Web - Web Design/HTML - About.com
... not make it 'free' for copying. Copyright and intellectual property laws still apply. ... If you're not sure if an item is copyrighted, it probably is. Reproduction can ...
Copyright for Artists - Protecting Your Work - Drawing/Sketching
copyright - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites.
Copyright Symbol -- Artist's Copyright FAQ - Painting - About.com
Find out whether a copyright symbol is essential in order for something to be protected or not.
Copyright on the Web: Obtaining Permission - Web Design/HTML
Getting permission for using copyrighted materials on your Web page.
Are You Protected by Copyright? - Animation - About.com
Copyright issues are crucial to those working in media arts; we usually work in a ... hair color of one character and claiming it as their original copyrighted work.
Copyright - the Definition of Copyright - Graphic Design - About.com
Copyright refers to laws that regulate the use of the work of a creator, such as an artist or author.
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