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Photo Rights, Photographers' Rights,Copyright Information and ...
Information on photo rights, photographers' rights, and copyrights.
Avoiding Copyright Infringement - Page 3 of 4
Where possible, use only your own source material. This is easier than you think. Spend a weekend with your camera. Get out there and take your own source ...
Copyright on the Web - Web Design/HTML - About.com
literary works such as articles, stories, journals, or computer programs; pictures and graphics; blueprints of architecture; music and song lyrics; plays and ...
Copyright on the Web: Obtaining Permission - Web Design/HTML
Getting permission for using copyrighted materials on your Web page.
Copyright on a Painting -- Who Owns It - About.com
Find out who owns the copyright on a painting, the buyer or the artist, in this Artist's Copyright FAQ.
Copyright Issues on the Web & Intellectual Property
Copyright laws are enforced, and intellectual property is something to keep in ... Sometimes the distinction between what can be copyrighted and what can't ...
Copyright FAQ: May I Make a Painting of a Photograph? - About.com
Find out whether it's okay to make a painting from someone else's photograph, or not, in the Artist's Copyright FAQ.
Copyright for Artists FAQ - Painting - About.com
Can You Paint Movie Characters Such as Nemo? Is it okay to paint characters from animation movies such as Nemo and Toy Story? Share ...
Collage and Copyright - Painting - About.com
An overview of the copyright issues when it comes to collage artwork, from the Artist's Copyright FAQ.
Copyright for Genealogists - Genealogy - About.com
Some portions of your family research are protected by copyright law and some are not. Learn more about the copyright laws of various countries as they relate ...
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