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Photo Rights, Photographers' Rights,Copyright Information and ...
Information on photo rights, photographers' rights, and copyrights.
Copyright Issues on the Web & Intellectual Property - Web Design
Copyright laws are enforced, and intellectual property is something to keep in ... Sometimes the distinction between what can be copyrighted and what can't ...
Copyright on the Web - Web Design - About.com
Copyright on the web seems to be a difficult concept for some people to understand. But it's really ... If you're not sure if an item is copyrighted, it probably is.
How to Create and Use Copyright and Trademark Symbols
This simple how-to on rendering copyright symbols, registered trademark symbols, and TM trademark symbols in your software and in HTML shows the Mac and ...
What is Copyright -- Artist's FAQ - Painting - About.com
Answer: Copyright gives you exclusive rights to an item, including the right to reproduce and sell it, and to make derivative works from it (eg paintings adapted  ...
Copyright FAQ: May I Make a Painting of a Photograph? - About.com
Find out whether it's okay to make a painting from someone else's photograph, or not, in the Artist's Copyright FAQ.
Copyright for Artists - Protecting Your Work - Drawing / Sketching
Page 4: Protecting Your Work As soon as your artwork leaves your hands, or if you display work via the internet, you risk others using your images ...
Copyright Symbol -- Artist's Copyright FAQ - Painting - About.com
Find out whether a copyright symbol is essential in order for something to be protected or not.
Prints from Other People's Paintings - Artist's Copyright FAQ
Find out whether you may make art prints to sell from other people's paintings or not.
Copyrights and Needlecrafts - Copyright Law Links
Fair Use - Myths About's Drawing/Sketching Guide wrote an article about some of the myths connected with copyright's "fair use" and information on what the ...
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